Don’t stop thinking of tomorrow, don’t stop thinking of today

December 22, 2007 at 8:07 am 1 comment

How do we move forward from here? Mobilize the majority of Americans against the war in Iraq to end it, now, not after the next election or the one after that?

The possibility is there, but the action and the belief are not. Why is that?

How can we better support GI Resisters, Iraq Veterans Against the War and Vets for Peace so that we can not only stop this war, but all war?

Can the Non-profit Industrial Complex overcome the Military Industrial Complex? Or have we forked over our responsibilities as citizens and a peace movement over to another institution? How do we reclaim movements and our government and change the world for the better?

Where can we exchange our apathy for action? When do we start trusting ourselves more than institutions? When do we take responsibility for that trust and act on it for ourselves and our communities?

There is no one answer, different actions work differently in every community, try something new and see what happens and who it brings to the table. Build networks and dreams, keep expanding and you keep making an impact. Give everyone a voice; trust your own.

Keep talking to the same 4 people every week? That’s not a movement, that’s a tea party. Go somewhere new, re-think your networks, connections and perspectives. Educate and activate.  Your community has unique concerns, how do economic injustice or environmental degradation relate to militarism there? Movements need a diversity of tactics, strategies and dreams to succeed; everyone has a part to play and a responsibility to act. As we build communities locally we build a much larger movement that has a greater capacity for change.

Believe. Believe that we can end this war now, not eventually, and that we won’t attack Iran or anyone else, then backtrack to how you can help make that possible. Belief is required in a movement, demilitarize yourself before you can demilitarize your world. You are your government, you are your country, realize that immense power and use it.

We can no longer believe in ‘soon,’ instead we must demand now.


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Another year over, a new one just begun

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  • 1. bentrem  |  December 23, 2007 at 2:21 am

    Mobilize the majority of Americans against the war in Iraq to end it …

    We (my comrades and I … “cadre”, yuh know?) had a running joke about union leaders: “Where are the workers headed, where are they headed?! I must get ahead in order to lead them!”

    I’m the sort who shows up early at the hall to help set up chairs … make sure that (Yes, it’s set up, I know) the coffee machine actually gets plugged in and actually gets turned on … then on to microphones and such-like.

    There’s always something. “Save the world” is not where we get a handle on things.

    One of our many slogans: to break the chains we need each of us to grab it there, where it’s nearest to us.

    When the best have only hi-falutin’ aspirations, well, that doesn’t bode well. The ocean water is growing more acidic, even as it grows ever fresher … and higher. The needs are real.
    When folk grapple onto abstractions, or outrages that they know only at one remove, it’s because they’ve become alienated from the actualities of their daily lives … that’s not good.

    Sure it’s about motives and intentions … sure it’s about consciousness … but it’s about sanity … a sane appreciation of what’s in our face.

    Something my comrades /didn’t sign onto/, but that I hold significant and substantial: each one of us must be for ourselves sage generals. (Sun Tzu … Art of War. If you haven’t read it, do. Read it or not, get the Shambhala edition … cut the bourgeois crap out of it, they did.)

    Ya basta!


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